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The Northern Fence Wholesale Division will be glad to service you whether you want to buy one piece or ten truckloads. We service Fencing Contractors, General Contractors, Landscapers, DIY homeowners and the general public.

Our Product Knowledge, Industry Comprehension, Attention to Detail and Standard for Excellence make Northern Fence Your One Stop Fence Supplier

Pricing, Product and Customer Service are the three major reasons why you buy any product from a certain source.

Pricing: This is your initial inquiry when purchasing any product. Pieces aren't bought-- We Buy Truckloads and Containers of Materials. We are well aware of what big box stores and what our competition sells items for. No need to search endlessly for if you're getting a good deal. Northern Fence will always be price competitive.

Product: Here's our guarantee: If we sell the product, we would use the product at our own home. We stand behind what we sell. Buying a Fence is not just a throw-away item, it is an Investment Towards Your Property. People get fences because they need them, so why settle for less? Northern Fence prides itself on only using quality materials and we're constantly looking to newer and better products to provide you with

Customer Service: With years of Installation, Sales and Industry Comprehension under out belt, we fully commit to our Standard of Excellence with helping you in purchasing or installing your Fence. Not all yards are the same, sometimes you need an insider trick on how to solve a problem...sometimes you need one of us to go out there and provide assistance with a project you started. Whatever the case may be, we've got you covered. Have an issue? No need to worry, we don't hide behind the regular 9-5 time frame. If you ever need to get a hold of us, We Are Available To You!

Quality Fences for All Your Needs

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