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PVC/Vinyl Fence

Looking for a Fence that has no maintenance? PVC/Vinyl Fencing Is An Ideal Choice!

Available in the widest range of styles from classic 6' privacy to a wide range of designs, colors and strengths. Vinyl Fencing can perfectly match any home or property. 


Colors, Wood-Grain Textures and more!

Northern Fence has access to EVERY possible color you'd like! Varying from our standard White, Tan, Clay & Gray all the way High-End Wood-Grain that you can actually feel the texture on

  CLAY                    TAN                     GRAY                 



Our Fences Can Handle The Elements!

In addition to their good looks, vinyl fences are also the best investment for the long-term. Durable enough to withstand harsh New England winters and summers alike, vinyl fences are completely maintenance-free, requiring only to be washed once a year or so. Because they resist fading and warping, your fence will look brand new for years to come.Durable Fencing for Whatever the Weather Brings


Quality Vinyl Fencing from Top Manufacturers

All vinyl fences are not created equal. To ensure minimal repairs are needed down the road, skip the big-box stores. Northern Fence is proud to carry and install the highest quality vinyl fences from All The Top Manufacturers


Quality Fences for All Your Needs

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